Ontario Greenhouse Gas Emissions What is a Carbon Offset?

A Carbon Offset is a reduction in emissions of Carbon Dioxide and other Greenhouse Gases made in order to compensate for or to offset an emission made elsewhere.

The offsets you obtain, contribute to emission reduction Canadian Standard Association (CSA) certified Canadian projects throughout Canada and the globe.

Environmental conscious businesses and homeowners are doing their part to reduce emissions by switching to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, as well as other emission reduction activities such as tree-planting and methane gas recapture and destruction.

Our Projects

Local Projects
morconnect project

Essex‐Windsor Regional Landfill Gas Capture and Destruction Project

Landfill gas is collected from twenty‐three vertical wells and drawn to a plant where it is ignited and burned continuously. The project uses a fully enclosed flare for methane destruction. The main gas released from municipal solid waste is methane greenhouse gas with 20 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide.

Location: Windsor, Ontario

morconnect project

Great Bear Forest Carbon Project

The Great Bear Forest Carbon Project is an Improved Forest Management project, which generates emission reductions by protecting forest areas that were previously designated, sanctioned or approved for commercial logging. The Project protects and increases carbon stocks by ensuring the trees remain and reduces emissions caused by harvesting, road building and other forestry operations. It is a landmark project for balancing human well-being and ecological integrity through carbon finance, and is the first carbon project in North America on traditional territory with unextinguished Aboriginal rights and title.

Location: Coast of British Columbia, Canada

morconnect project

Darkwoods Forest Carbon Project

Located in the Selkirk Mountains, the Darkwoods Forest Carbon Project is an Improved Forest Management project moving from a logging baseline scenario to a protected forest. The increase in carbon stocks over time is a result of the decrease in logging activities resulting from the new management scenario. With their lush valleys, rugged peaks, tumbling creeks and deep lakes, British Columbia’s Selkirk Mountains are both astoundingly beautiful and ecologically important. Spreading across 136,000 acres, the project lies in the heart of this incredible mountain range. It harbours a wide variety of habitats, including old-growth forests, alpine tundra, tumbling creeks and the deep, cold waters of Kootenay Lake. A plethora of plant and animal species utilize these habitats, and the conservation of the area is critical to ensuring their long-term viability.

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Global Projects
morconnect project

Aggregate Wind Power - Renewable Energy

Carbon offset funds will enable the installation of 53 wind turbines across Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in India. Aggregated, these projects contribute 53.75 MW of clean, renewable energy to a grid that is predominately fueled by fossil fuel based sources of energy.

Location: State of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, India

morconnect project

Household Cookstoves

More than 95% of Ugandans rely on wood as a fuel for cooking and boiling water in both rural and urban areas. The conventional cookstoves used are inefficient and require a lot of wood required to prepare a meal. The project replaces conventional cookstoves with more efficient stoves called “rocket stoves”. These new efficient household cookstoves use a design that consists of an insulated elbow-jointed combustion chamber that increases combustion efficiency and retains heat while placing the cooking pot to the hottest point above the flame. The rocket stove further increases heat transfer by having the cooking pot rest within a skirt that retains heat. The new stoves use 50% less wood and significantly reduce the amount of particulate matter released when cooking. This leads to less deforestation, less time spent gathering wood, and drastically improves the air.

Location: Kampala Region, Uganda