A sudden spike in your water bill is a clear indicator that there may be some issues in your plumbing system. Yes, opening your water bill is not something you look forward to but, it should be predictable.

In this article, HVAC expert, Morconnect, will talk about water flow meters, and how to know if you have a faulty one.

How to check if you have a faulty water meter?

morconnect water flow meter

The simplest way to check if you have a faulty water meter is to cut all water sources. This means not using the faucet or toilet and observe whether your flow meter is still running. If it is, you have water leaking somewhere in your house. But, you also cannot rule out the possibility that your water meter is giving you faulty readings. You can check it by filling up a container with water and measuring its exact volume. If the volume does not tally with the device’s reading, your water flow meter is defective.

A water flow meter is a device that measures the flow of fluid moving past a piping system. As water flows through the meter, the device measures its volume per second. This can then determine how much liquid passed through the pipes at any given time.

Types of water meters

There are several types of water flow meters. They include displacement water meters, velocity water meters, electromagnetic meters, and ultrasonic meters.

Displacement water meters are often used in residential and small commercial properties. They are further divided into two subcategories: oscillating piston and nutating disk meters. Both have mechanical parts that move as the water flows through their main chambers. In general, the more the moving parts move, the more water flows through the piping system.

The flow rate determines the amount that will reflect in your water bill. Many things can happen inside a water meter and a lot of factors can affect its efficiency.

Factors that can affect your water meter


One of the most common problems that can affect the accuracy of water meter readings is scaling. Scaling occurs when minerals accumulate into the interior walls of the pipes. Unfiltered water is rich in sodium, calcium, and magnesium. These compounds attach themselves inside a pipe and narrow down its opening. This will then result in an increase in the water pressure. The higher the water pressure, the faster the mechanical parts of a water meter move.


Rust can also affect not only your water meter but also the piping system itself. Rusting happens both on the exterior and interior walls of a metal pipe. When rust forms inside your piping system, its particles can flake off and combine with water. As it flows towards the main chamber of the meter, the rust particles slow down and restrict the flow of water.

morconnect water flow meter
Water flow inconsistency

Meanwhile, flow deviation and pulsating flow can also cause water meter irregularities. These happen when there is an inaccurate flow of water inside the piping system. It gives your water meter a false impression of the volume of fluid that passes through the system. It is important to know that flow consistency is crucial for reliable readings in a water flow meter.

Presence of air pockets

Another factor that can affect the meter’s efficiency is the presence of air bubbles in the pipes. Air pockets occupy the volume of the fluid that flows into the system. They reduce the volume of the water itself and cause inaccurate flow measurements. The presence of air in the pipes can also damage the components of some types of flow meters.


If you want to reduce your water consumption costs, you may start using smart valves in your home. A smart valve compresses the air in the pipes and eliminates its volume as it reaches the water meter. This means that you will pay less for the same water usage. Morconnect offers Ontario homeowners with SMART VALVE that can help them save 15% – 30% on water bills. They are available in the following standard plumbing sizes: 5/8” 3/4” 1” 1.5” 2” 3” 4” 6” 8” 10” 12”. Larger sizes are also available on a custom order. Homeowners may visit Morconnect’s website for complete details.