Water plays a vital role in our everyday lives. It is a necessity that we cannot live without. 

Water is a limited resource, so it is very important for us to be more conscious and smart about its consumption. This is also one of the main reasons why smart water meters are now getting into the scene. In general, these devices help with better water management to help you save more on water bills.

In this post, Morconnect will explain the pros and cons of using a smart water meter at home.

What are Smart Water Meters and How Do They Work?

A smart water meter functions the same as a standard water meter. It records the flow of the water used in your home or building.

morconnect Pros and Cons of Using Smart Water Meters

But, smart water meters use wireless technology to take more accurate readings. They display consumption data and communicate this information to the service provider online. With these functions, users can track their water consumption at any given time.

There are also other smart plumbing devices that you can install in your home so you can save more money. They include Smart Purification Systems, Smart Valves, and Smart Faucets.

Smart Purification System

This device filters your water from lead, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances. It also monitors leaks in your sink and pipe.

Smart Valve

SMART VALVES like the ones at Morconnect compress the air in the water. The correct water pressure to avoid recording air in the water meter. 

Smart Faucet

Smart faucets do not only have touch and voice controls. They also track water usage and detect leaks.

Pros of Using Smart Water Meters

Helps in Conserving Water

Smart water meters help users to become more aware of how much water they consume. These devices can also alert you when there are irregularities in your water usage. They can detect leaks and notify you of excessive water consumption. Before the issue gets worse, you will be able to call a professional to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Users Save More Money
morconnect Pros and Cons of Using Smart Water Meters

Conserving water means you are lessening your water usage. If you consume less water, your bills will decrease. Using a smart water meter will give you access to your water usage data anytime you want. Smart water meters help you save money on your water bill by giving you updates about your water usage.

Detects Leaks From Water Lines

Water leaks can go unnoticed for quite some time until you get surprised with a very high water bill. With the help of smart water meters, you can check for spikes in your water consumption as early as possible.

Prevent Scams and Tampering

There were cases of fake water readers that break into properties and steal. Manual meter reading is risky. People can pretend that they are agents and use that as an excuse to steal from homeowners. Smart water meters prevent this from happening because they send electronic readings instead.

Provides More Accurate Readings

Smart water meters provide more accurate readings compared to standard water meters. Installing smart water meters also makes sure that you will only pay for the exact amount of water you used.

Improves Customer Service

Smart water meters are also beneficial for utility companies. In fact, they can notify customers with problems ahead of the billing period. This will lessen customer claims and complaints against the company. 

Cons of Using Smart Water Meters

morconnect Pros and Cons of Using Smart Water Meters
Low Signal Affects the Performance

Some smart water meters communicate through mobile networks. If the area has a low mobile signal, it affects data transfer to the service provider. There can also be a delay in accessing data for the user and utility companies as well.

Do Not Directly Reduce Water Bills

The main benefit of having a smart water meter is to help you keep track of your water usage. You should be aware that the mere usage of it does not reduce the cost itself. Only the concept of being aware of your water consumption can help you to conserve and reduce the use of water.

Not All Service Providers Support Smart Meters

Not all utility companies and municipalities support smart water meters yet. Since the device is not accessible globally, some places do not offer this service at the moment.


The advantages outweigh any cons of using smart water devices. In fact, its disadvantages are only short-term. So, there is no harm in upgrading to smart water meters. 

Those who want to learn more about smart water devices and SMART VALVES may talk to Morconnect. They are one of the leading HVAC specialists in Ontario and the surrounding areas.