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Reduce Your Monthly Water Bill with SMART VALVE

SMART VALVEs patented Variable Flow Control process eliminates water meter inaccuracy and excessive water consumption.

The SMART VALVE pays for itself with the savings that it generates on the water bill. Simple savings for years to come!

smart valve before mor connect - morconnect

Before – Toronto Water Meter 

smart valve after mor connect morconnect

After – Toronto Water Meter 


Valves are available in all standard plumbing sizes. The valve is made in double flanged and double threaded (female NPT) configurations according to your system pipe size. The 2nd Generation SMART VALVE has much larger interior diameter than older designs to match pipe flow capacity. (Applications include: hotels, apartments, restaurants, laundromats, car washes, food/beverage, manufacturing, landscape irrigation, and many more).
• Valve body, plunger, backplate: Acetron GP
• Shaft, spring: Food-grade Stainless Steel
• For dimensions of common sizes please see our Cut Sheets.


The SMART VALVE is designed to be installed on the USER side of the water meter. Installation should be performed by a licensed plumber. SMART VALVE is a Set it and Forget it device. No maintenance, no operational costs, and comes with a 10-year warranty.
The SMART VALVETM is installed on the USER side of the water meter. The valve is made in flanged and threaded configurations according to your system pipe design. Installation of the SMART VALVETM should be performed by a licensed plumber and any plumber can easily install the unit. All installations should include gaskets on flanged units or pipe tape on threaded units to prevent water leakage. Please see our detailed Installation Instructions for Flanged or Threaded pipe.


Every property and water system has its own specifications and usage profile, and the savings available can vary depending on these and other factors. The vast majority of customers will see savings in the range between 15% and 30%, with a small percentage seeing slightly higher or lower savings.

Technical Specs

• NSF Certifications
• NSF/ANSI 61 and NSF/ANSI 372

Customized Specifications

Each SMART VALVETM is built to exacting specifications based on the specific water system parameters. Spring tension is calibrated based on the users’ pressure and flow profile. Connection types are determined by the existing pipe configuration. A completed site survey is required for all orders.


The SMART VALVETM is made primarily of Acetron GP, an extremely strong, self-lubricating space- age resin created by Quadrants. Acetron GP is the material of choice when precision parts are required for impact and wear resistance in a wide range of industrial and mechanical applications. With low, consistent internal stress, this material experiences little dimensional change during use. Acetron GP is also an ideal material for use in wet environments because it resists moisture, will not accumulate particulates, will not corrode and self- seals extremely well eliminating the need for seals and gaskets that would wear out, making Acetron GP the ideal choice for the SMART VALVE. All non- Acetron GP components are manufactured from food-grade stainless steel.


The SMART VALVETM is available in the following standard plumbing sizes: 5/8” 3/4” 1” 1.5” 2” 3” 4” 6” 8” 10” 12”. Larger sizes available on a custom order. Sizes 2” and below are female double threaded. Sizes 3” and above are flanged on both ends with a standard bolt pattern. Please contact us for special sizes or configurations.

10 year warranty morconnect
morConnect water save


Most frequent questions and answers

The SMART VALVE was created to resolve the inefficiencies inherent in water delivery and consumption. The patented and NSF certified process takes established principals of fluid dynamics and applies them in a new and financially rewarding application.

In the volume of water passing through your water meter, there is also a volume of air, and your water meter can’t tell the difference! To measure water consumption, the most common water meters use a method known as Positive Displacement. This method is not limited to water; it measures the total volume of both water and air. 

The SMART VALVE compresses air, eliminating its volume before it reaches the water meter so the meter no longer measures it! You pay less for the same water usage!
The 2nd Generation SMART VALVE is externally adjustable for maximum performance every time! It fine tunes the setting perfectly to your facility and has the ability to adjust to future system changes without ever having to turn off your water again. No other product has this patent pending feature.

The SMART VALVE does NOT remove the air. It
simply compresses the air before it reaches your
meter. Once compressed, the air flows through the
meter undetected. After the air passes through the
water meter and the valve, it returns to its original

The SMART VALVEs only movement function is
the compression of a spring and the associated
opening and closing of a gasket-less plunger and
housing. The valve is made of Acetron GP and
stainless steel. Acetron GP is self-lubricating and
has strength characteristics close to those of steel
while still being flexible and impact absorbent.
The SMART VALVE comes with a 10-Year
Manufacturers Warranty, however the valve should
continue to work reliable for much longer.

• It stops you from being charged for any volume
of air present in your water supply by compressing
the air volume before it reaches your meter.
• Prevents pressure drops from water usage from
reaching the water meter.
• It keeps your water meter operating within its
designed flow range

• It reduces over-supply caused by higher-than-
desired city pressure