The right choice between purchasing or renting a new furnace system may be different for every homeowner. While neither choice is better than the other, there are significant benefits when it comes to renting your furnace system.Furnace Rentals In Mississauga


Renting a furnace can be more affordable for more homeowners than buying a new one. Furnace rentals consist of no upfront costs and a predictable monthly payment. It’s hassle free and can bring you year-round peace of mind with regular maintenance and repairs included. With flexible payment options, you can purchase your equipment at any time. While renting is not for every homeowner, it is certainly a viable option for many and can make premium high-efficiency systems more affordable.

On the other hand, there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a new furnace. It is important to emphasise that the responsibilities will be different when you choose to purchase a new unit. There is a significant upfront cost to buying your furnace, but you’ll own your equipment. You may be able to participate in certain mail-in government rebates and promotions to offset the initial cost. However, you are responsible for all maintenance and any repair costs that may arise outside of the manufacturer warranty.